Shade - In places of direct sunlight your car can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees. Chill Chap is designed to protect your lip balm from these high-energy rays.

Insolation - Chill Chap utilizes a neoprene liner to insolate and slow the transfer of heat.

Upright - By mounting in the upright position you can ensure that your lip balm will be accessible and mess-free.

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How does Chill Chap keep my lip balm from melting?

There are two major reasons.

  1. Chill Chap's inner layer is lined with Neoprene fabric which slows the transfer of heat.
  2. Chill Chap allows you to mount your lip balm where the sun doesn't shine like under the steering wheel or near your console.

It's important to know that if you do not mount your Chill Chap away from direct sunlight it will be much less effective.

Can I move Chill Chap once it has been mounted

Our nano tape can be reused. However, you will lose a significant amount of its holding power every time it is moved.

Will adhesive back leave a mark?

No, we use a special acrylic nano tape designed to leave no trace if removed